Jen's Jen's Hopper Timer/Zelda Fairy Fountain TheBlockMage made a fountain in our spawn city and used noteblocks to make the Fairy Fountain. I helped make a hopper timer so that the song doesn't have to manually restart the pulse for the redstone each time the pulse resets. 180155812 New Spawn New players now spawn in "Start" region. And unless they read through all or most signs, they won't be able to venture out. Hope they don't mind reading a little in order to build. :) 180489487 Grelar the Odd's Witchy Shop Grelar(NPC) has moved into the city! Or close enough anyway. He sells within his basement shop all sorts of items that will aid you in potion making. 181451606 Grelar's basement shop Grelar's (NPC) basement shop with chest shops shown here selling blaze powder and ghast tear. 181451613 City Portal Find this portal right within our very own city to get access to our nether mall! 182370983 Food Court The Nether Mall has a huge food court! 182370984 Carousel and The Netherly Times On the left is a functioning carousel and the right is the news stand, 182370985 Spawn Revamp Added little tutorial rooms and made the whole place just the tiniest bit fancier. New players are still unable to leave spawn without using the region pole. 185045797