Pending Map Reset [UPDATE June 2]

Posted by BlockHermit on April 27, 2014 at 1:50 PM

The server will be having a map reset after 1.8.

1.8 Vanilla update is expected to happen sometime this coming May. But because our server runs on a spiggot client, our server will have to wait until spiggot releases a compatible 1.8 update. From 1.6 to 1.7, we waited about three or four months because of the big overhaul of updated codes that bukkit and spiggot had to rewrite to make it compatible. For this reason, we cannot release a decent estimate as to when our server will upgrade to 1.8 after 1.8 vanilla update is released. This means that the 1.8 map reset for our server still has an unknown date and will completely depend on the progress of spigot's update to 1.8. So in short words:

The server will update to 1.8 when SPIGOT releases a compatible client to the 1.8 vanilla update.

ON May 15, 2014 @Dinnerbone tweeted:" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">"@Larry_Blazeburn Not in the next couple of months, most likely. We're not rushing this update. Sorry!"

This tweet is in reference to someone asking when the 1.8 update will be released.

Plugin Updates and General Map Changes

BlockHermit will go through a mass plugin update as well upon 1.8. We will be keeping Population Density (Region Poles), Grief Prevention (claims), BOSEconomy (server economy), Chest Shop, and Prism (block logging and rollback). We will be discussing adding borders to the map to minimally limit expansion of the map (our current map uses approximately 4% of the exposed/loaded map aka approximately 200mb/4000mb). This will improve performance of the server and minimize lag. We will also be discussing adding a chat plugin that allows players to chat within their own channels. This will allow players to group up together and only chat with each other, blocking out chatter that doesn't pertain to their discussion. However, this will make monitoring public discussions more difficult.

The map post-update will only contain newer biomes. The seed will be private and the map will not be open to download. This also goes for the current 1.7 map.

Please keep checking back to this post for more updates!

Last Update June 2 2014

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