Server Crashes

Posted by Cobbett on March 26, 2014 at 5:00 PM

There appear to be issues with Spigot servers at the moment, Block Hermit and many others will be down until this is resolved.

update, from MCPH -

It was identified today at 4:08 PM EST that Spigot had a critical time handling bug that caused the current server tick count for ALL Minecraft servers running Spigot (this includes MCPC+) to crash, but not only did the servers themselves crash, all connected clients did due to the invalid data being sent by the server!

Seconds after this occurred the Minecraft login and session servers went wild handling the load from tens of thousands of users disconnecting and attempting log in again, this influx of users caused Mojang's session and login servers to flicker and go down for a period of about a minute and thirty seconds resulting in the wide-spread belief that this was caused originally by Minecraft's login servers going down.

From our findings it appears that only certain versions of Spigot are being affected, as we've had several reports from users that are seemingly skipping by without any downtime from the failure. We're still gathering more information on the current state of the issue, and we'll update this post as we receive it.

update 2 - server is back online, no official notification yet. Hopefully this is a stable build!

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