1.6.4 and PvP Arenas!

Posted by BlockHermit on September 29, 2013 at 8:45 PM

Introducing the new Spawn!

New players now spawn in this structure where they can read up on how the server works and little tutorial buildings to get started. Players are unable to leave this spawn structure without using the region pole.

PVP Arena!

You asked for it and we provided it! Players are now able to construct PVP arenas of their own. HayanTokki will approve it, when the arena is submitted for approval. There are minor guidelines such as no break-blocks (torches, redstone, etc) on the ground and no doors to bar players from leaving/entering. The arena should be generally well lit unless a player has built a theme pvp where darkness is necessary. When approved, the PVP arena will deny players from using enderpearls within the arena as well as commands. Players will also be notified they are entering a pvp zone and when they are leaving it. Players will keep level and items upon death so it's harmless to enjoy a round of PVP in arenas at any time! Certain item-loss arenas will be made so that players can wager items to win upon loss. But the Arenas are all up to the players in design, functionality, and more! We invite you to create your own arena today!

1.6.4 Update!

The server is now running on 1.6.4 Dev Bukkit. All plugins have been updated to the latest version and the server is running rather smoothly. Please report all bugs or glitches to us via the "Contact Us" link at the top of the page. We are trying to update as soon as our host allows updates so we request please don't ask us to keep updating. We are trying to keep up, we promise!

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