Nether Mall! (plus PlugIns)

Posted by BlockHermit on July 20, 2013 at 1:50 PM

With the introduction of the Nether we were given access to a whole new world! And with this a portal has been erected in the city, albeit a tiny bit hidden. If a player enters the nether through this portal, they can get to the nether mall! Nether mall is unfinished as of this post but players will be able to buy the little stores to make their own mall shops! Whether it be functioning or completely for looks (even if you want players to donate blocks to you), you'll have complete control over your little store. Currently, the first floor's right wing is finished. At this very moment, work is underway for the left wing. There are three levels to this floor.

Also, a new plugin has been introduced to limit mob spawn in city and nether mall. Mobs will spawn as normal anywhere else. This mob limitation control is not available to players. Finally, no more surprise skelly attack just for visiting the melon factory!

Categories: Server Status/Updates

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