No Nether? But you can still have nether-y things!

Posted by BlockHermit on June 28, 2013 at 8:50 PM

The nether is a fearfully dangerous place with tons of wonderful resources and building materials that you can use to your liking. That is... if we had opened the nether. Because the 1.6 update says that we will be getting chests with rare items and the like in nether fortresses, we are not allowing anyone into the nether until the update is available on the server. While yes, 1.6 is out, it is not out or recommended for bukkit until 1.6 itself is stabilized. This made it impossible for players to get nether only resources like nether wart and soul sand. Nether wart being one of the more important items for potion making. So at least until we grant access to the nether, players will have to make do with Grelar the Odd's witchy shop.

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