Update to Server Stability

Posted by BlockHermit on June 20, 2013 at 8:40 PM

Our host MC Pro Hosting has been having major attacks on their servers. Their servers run in groups called Nodes and our server's node was heavily attacked resulting in the host shutting down the node for maintenance. After 24 hours, the servers within that node came back but had problems after the fix from further attack on the node. As of today, the server has been on and off without warning. We hope players understand that this is NOT the server shutting down and even if offline, it is only temporary and will be online again soon. As for any concerns regarding rollbacks and resets, we currently have a seperate save of the server's state as of June 20th. If, for whatever reason, the server loses the BlockHermit world, it can be easily re-uploaded and played on again with the builds as of June 20th being there as they were left. We hope that MCProHosting can resolve this issue quickly and that we can return to playing on our server without a problem.

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