PVP has been disabled indefinitely

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It has come to our attention that allowing pvp to go on without supervision and attempted plugin supervision is NOT aiding to create a friendly environment. BlockHermit had enabled PVP awhile back to welcome arena builds and some extra activity on top of pure PVE that the server provided. But recently, we've run into incidents of player griefing, hostility, animal abuse, drop griefing, and overall negative receipt of the PVP privilege. And since PVP has been a privilege, it is a feature that can be revoked.


Simple checklist to how PVP can be re-enabled:



  • Overall minimal hostility between players.
  • Respect for player animals AND drops.
  • Mutual understanding of what PVP entails between participants.
  • Complete obliteration of any wars that are currently occuring.
  • Disbanding of Sprucebay army, TBM army, and any other armies that may be in play.
  • Agreement to comply to server grief protection. (ie: drop protection may NOT be bypassed by burning or digging to eliminate possibility of picking up items)









If and when PVP becomes re-enabled, stricter rules will be set in place resulting in no-tolerance bans.

Server Reset

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The reset is happening, at last!

Please be patient, there is a lot to do and some bugs to stomp.

We'll hopefully be open again in a few days, with the brand new 1.8 map.

Bountiful Update (1.8) Released for Vanilla Minecraft

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You can read about the release here!

Spigot, at this moment, has not updated to 1.8 yet!

Spigot has yet to release a JAR that is 1.8 compatible. We are currently running on Spigot 1.7.10-R0.1. This means that until Spigot releases a 1.8 stable and compatible release, we cannot upgrade the server to 1.8.

This is also important to note that 1.8 comes with the ability to limit the map size by utilizing the in-game admin-only command of /worldborder. This allows the server a more stabilized building area (which will still be massive) without having to utilize another plugin. Players who reach the world border will not be able to build outside of the border and will suffocate to death upon breach. The game will warn players by flashing the screen a red hue when the player is within five blocks of the border.

About Building/Item Transfer 

We recommend players actively start to organize their items to help ready their move to the new world. To efficiently move everything without waste a few guidelines will be set.

  • Only above ground buildings will be transfered. Any underground structure will NOT be moved. This includes any storage rooms.
  • Only 'claimed' builds will be moved. Seniors are able to check how active the claim has been. If we deem the claim to be old or expired, the build may or may not be moved at the seniors' discretion. Please make sure you claim your buildings to help us transfer more easily!
  • Mobs of any sort will not be transfered. This means that whatever farm you had will be transfered but without any livestock in it. The seniors will not replenish your livestock.
  • All transfers will be placed accordingly in matching biomes. As some builds are in a pre-1.7 biome, they will be transfered to what translates as that biome best in the update (example: old taiga/new taiga). Builds that cross biomes will be placed dependent on which biome is occupied more in the old map. (example: build is in plains/forest but most of the build is in plains, transfer will be to a plains biome).
  • Transfers will be placed around region poles matching old region poles. If you had builds in [insertRegionName], they will be transfered to a region with the same name in the new map. You will still have to set /movein at that region again to make that region your home.
  • Your above ground storage will transfer with whatever item was within it but YOUR ITEMS ON YOUR CHARACTER WILL NOT BE TRANSFERED! Please make sure your valuables are safely placed in chests as we cannot transfer items your character is carrying. When we are pending update, we recommend inserting all of your good armor and equipment into storage and use items you won't have a problem losing.
We hope that this new map can bring even more builds and help build an even better community!

Pending Map Reset [UPDATE June 2]

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The server will be having a map reset after 1.8.

1.8 Vanilla update is expected to happen sometime this coming May. But because our server runs on a spiggot client, our server will have to wait until spiggot releases a compatible 1.8 update. From 1.6 to 1.7, we waited about three or four months because of the big overhaul of updated codes that bukkit and spiggot had to rewrite to make it compatible. For this reason, we cannot release a decent estimate as to when our server will upgrade to 1.8 after 1.8 vanilla update is released. This means that the 1.8 map reset for our server still has an unknown date and will completely depend on the progress of spigot's update to 1.8. So in short words:

The server will update to 1.8 when SPIGOT releases a compatible client to the 1.8 vanilla update.

ON May 15, 2014 @Dinnerbone tweeted:

https://twitter.com/Dinnerbone/status/466889879029579776" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">"@Larry_Blazeburn Not in the next couple of months, most likely. We're not rushing this update. Sorry!"

This tweet is in reference to someone asking when the 1.8 update will be released.

Plugin Updates and General Map Changes

BlockHermit will go through a mass plugin update as well upon 1.8. We will be keeping Population Density (Region Poles), Grief Prevention (claims), BOSEconomy (server economy), Chest Shop, and Prism (block logging and rollback). We will be discussing adding borders to the map to minimally limit expansion of the map (our current map uses approximately 4% of the exposed/loaded map aka approximately 200mb/4000mb). This will improve performance of the server and minimize lag. We will also be discussing adding a chat plugin that allows players to chat within their own channels. This will allow players to group up together and only chat with each other, blocking out chatter that doesn't pertain to their discussion. However, this will make monitoring public discussions more difficult.

The map post-update will only contain newer biomes. The seed will be private and the map will not be open to download. This also goes for the current 1.7 map.

Please keep checking back to this post for more updates!

Last Update June 2 2014

1.7.8 Not Safe/1 Year Anniversary/ Voting Galore

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If you are running your client on 1.7.8, please temporarily downgrade to 1.7.6 to prevent disconnecting on BlockHermit!

Noted as of April 11, 2014, Minecraft servers running on anything before 1.7.8 has begun to crash due to the new user login protocol feature. This was done on mojang's part to increase account security and more (you can read about it https://mojang.com/2014/04/minecraft-1-7-6/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">here!) We will be updating our MOTD in the login screen to keep players updated on what version they should be logging in with.

1 Year Anniversary Event!

We can't believe BlockHermit is reaching its first year anniversary!  This server was created on May 17, 2013. We're only about a month away! We are hoping that some seniors can get together and plan out a fantastic event for everyone to enjoy. Click the Contact Us link if you have any ideas you'd like us to try, as we're very open to ideas at the moment. 

BlockHermit is now listed on even more server lists!

You may have noticed that we have more tabs in the navigation on this website now. A new tab called "Voting" has been created listing server lists that we are listed on. Players can vote for our server and earn five levels per vote! Currently votifier works on only five different lists. This means a player can earn 25 levels in a day. Voting is very important for our server as it makes the server more noticeable and thus results in new players joining. We hope you can help us see more players to create a world full of amazing builds.


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As our server slowly grows and changes, everything else surrounding the server also will likewise grow and change. After the server maintenance over the weekend, the server upgraded to 1.7.2. With tons of lag, the new features still invited players along. The server then changed its server JAR to Spigot from Bukkit. This completely eliminated lag serverside.

During the maintenance, the seniors of BH gathered to create "NewCity".

The tour can be found here (skip to 6:40 for NewCity Tour).

The city features a mall and now plots for people to build in. Players can ask any of the known seniors about plots and/or mall renting.

Players aren't aware of every plugin the server has, as many do not affect them in the least, and also hasn't been helpful to server administration. For this reason, many of the plugins were wiped out. We deleted the /home command altogether as many players were abusing this command (one player set it to where he mines in the nether so that if he falls/burns to death, he can type /home and be saved in an instant). We have removed this also because it's not a command you find in vanilla in single player survival. We remind players that the server mimics vanilla gameplay and will continue to do so.

The server now has votifier and the server has been submitted to more server lists. If you can find our server on that list and vote for it, you will receive levels. We decided against item rewards as this can destabilize the consistancy of materials generated in the server. Votifier may get an upgrade later so we can count how often a player votes and reward them for voting so consistently.

HayanTokki's Let's Plays of BH is now taking suggestions. Feature Fridays may be an idea for a weekly feature video showcasing other players' builds. Build Challenges and community build videos can be another. Please submit your ideas through our "Contact Us" page (link at top of page).


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Ok people. 

We have shut the server down for administration. The server will be moving over  to 1.7 in this short period. The server will be gaining a new city that will be located in a newly generated biome. This is so new and old players can go from there to look for new places to set up base.  We hope to have the server back online for Monday. Please do not worry as this is will enhance your experiance on Block Hermit.

Thanks for your  patience. 

Oh and don't forget about us. 

1.6.4 and PvP Arenas!

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Introducing the new Spawn!

New players now spawn in this structure where they can read up on how the server works and little tutorial buildings to get started. Players are unable to leave this spawn structure without using the region pole.

PVP Arena!

You asked for it and we provided it! Players are now able to construct PVP arenas of their own. HayanTokki will approve it, when the arena is submitted for approval. There are minor guidelines such as no break-blocks (torches, redstone, etc) on the ground and no doors to bar players from leaving/entering. The arena should be generally well lit unless a player has built a theme pvp where darkness is necessary. When approved, the PVP arena will deny players from using enderpearls within the arena as well as commands. Players will also be notified they are entering a pvp zone and when they are leaving it. Players will keep level and items upon death so it's harmless to enjoy a round of PVP in arenas at any time! Certain item-loss arenas will be made so that players can wager items to win upon loss. But the Arenas are all up to the players in design, functionality, and more! We invite you to create your own arena today!

1.6.4 Update!

The server is now running on 1.6.4 Dev Bukkit. All plugins have been updated to the latest version and the server is running rather smoothly. Please report all bugs or glitches to us via the "Contact Us" link at the top of the page. We are trying to update as soon as our host allows updates so we request please don't ask us to keep updating. We are trying to keep up, we promise!

We Gun Git You, Griefers!

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We are now able to see all that you do!

Big brother's at it again! We recently used LogBlock to log players' block placement in the server and though it proved useful, since most player made structures are protected, griefers managed to find underground chests placed by players who'd drop off a few things while mining and stole items from within it. Unfortunately, this has happened twice. Unable to properly accuse these griefers due to lack of evidence, we had to wait until some griefing happened before we went and banned them. Second time around, we were able to invisibly stalk the offender and catch them stealing from chests red handed.

Logblock proved to be inefficient to track chest access so we removed logblock and replaced the plugin with Prism. We are now able to track chest access, entity kills, as well as the good ol' block placement. Griefers, beware!

Nether Mall! (plus PlugIns)

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With the introduction of the Nether we were given access to a whole new world! And with this a portal has been erected in the city, albeit a tiny bit hidden. If a player enters the nether through this portal, they can get to the nether mall! Nether mall is unfinished as of this post but players will be able to buy the little stores to make their own mall shops! Whether it be functioning or completely for looks (even if you want players to donate blocks to you), you'll have complete control over your little store. Currently, the first floor's right wing is finished. At this very moment, work is underway for the left wing. There are three levels to this floor.

Also, a new plugin has been introduced to limit mob spawn in city and nether mall. Mobs will spawn as normal anywhere else. This mob limitation control is not available to players. Finally, no more surprise skelly attack just for visiting the melon factory!