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Welcome to Block Hermit!
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We are a hermit style Survival Multiplayer Server running semi-vanilla. Inspired by HermitCraft, our server grants players the freedom to work alone or work in a group. Our minimal plugins allow players to build many chunks away from each other yet still be able to visit each other within seconds! We are currently running Craftconomy3, Stables, Griefprevention, and Population Density for plugins. The server is pvp enabled but encourages cooperative play.

What is "Hermit Style"?

A hermit is a recluse living off on his own and finding his own means of survival. Think of it like playing single player survival but being able to play cooperatively with other players when you need something you can't find on your own or just being able to chat with others. Of course, this is completely optional and you may build with others as long as they want to build with you.

What does "semi-vanilla" mean?

Semi-vanilla servers are basically like vanilla servers with minor plugins. This means that you will be able to play with no plugins/mods on your end and the gameplay experience from your own vanilla game will be similar to the one on the server. Our plugins are installed specifically for you to enjoy playing as vanilla as possible with grief protection and anti-out-resourcing.

Who are the OPs?

We have no OP/admins! Our server features seniors who are players just like you. This is to create a more 'player-friendly' environment and to lessen the frequent 'I wanna be OP' messages. Our Seniors are all also playing on survival like any other player so it will be impossible to get non-legitimate items/blocks.

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Contact us: [email protected]